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Finding the whole speech writing process difficult or frustrating? Then this here package is the answer to all your speech problems!  We take over the writing part then help you fine tune the delivery of your speech; and all you have to do is tell us what you want in your speech then practice it with us.

Note: This service requires a timeline of at least 6 weeks. If the wedding is in less than 6 weeks, fill out this form so we can determine if we're able to work with you. 

What’s included:

  • Being teamed up with a speechwriter who’ll not only write your custom best man speech but also keep you on schedule by providing you with a timeline, so you know when to expect what
  • A copy of our questionnaire which is designed to help you brainstorm and collect memories and stories between you, the groom, and the couple
  • Your speechwriter collects your answers to the questionnaire and, if necessary, arrange a meeting to discuss your answers and review any questions *
  • A best man speech tailored to you and delivered within 15 business days
  • A practice session to you can mock-deliver your speech (These are ideally scheduled either a week after a speech is delivered or a week or two before the wedding.) *
  • The practice session consists of your speechwriter taking note of your body language and listening closely to how you mock-deliver your speech then offering advice on how to improve your delivery, how to stay calm before – and during – your toast*

What happens after you book this service:

  1. Immediately after booking, you'll gain access to download our questionnaire via a link. The link expires 24 hours after the time of booking so make sure to retrieve the questionnaire ASAP.
  2. Your speechwriter, within 24 business hours of booking, will contact you via email to introduce him/herself and provide the schedule you two will be working with.
  3. You complete the questionnaire and email it to your speechwriter who’ll take the answers you provided to write your speech  so make sure to include all your favorite memories and stories.
  4. If necessary, a call will be scheduled between you and your speechwriter to go over any questions s/he may have regarding your questionnaire answers. *
  5. Your speechwriter takes everything you’ve provided, works his/her magic, and delivers a custom best man speech within 15 business days. 
  6. A practice session is scheduled during which you'll mock-deliver your speech to your speechwriter who’ll help you polish its delivery. *

We're available to meet in person; however, our availability is restricted by geography and may be subject to additional fees. Therefore, unless otherwise discussed, all meetings, practice sessions, and face-to-face interactions are done online via Skype or FaceTime.