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We help with your speech so you can focus on the real best man stuff. Let's get started.

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Book Service

Already have a best man speech written but doubt its awesomeness? Let us professionals have a go at it. We’ll add the finishing touches and add that extra “oomph” to take your speech from good to great. 

What’s included:

  • Being partnered with an editor who’ll review and revise your speech for flow, relatability, and make sure it meets the high standards we have for the speeches we ourselves write
  • Delivery tips and advice will be provided to help with the presentation of your speech
  • Your speech will be delivered with our recommended changes within 5 business days

What happens after you book this service:

  • Within 24 business hours of booking your order, your editor will contact you via email to introduce him/herself and request for a copy of your speech.
  • Your editor reviews your speech, works his/her magic on it, and delivers the new-and-improved version to you within 5 business days

Note: Revisions vary by speech and are suggestions - you decide on whether to incorporate the revisions into your speech or not. Also, we reserve the right to return a speech that isn’t complete, lacks content, and/or requires an entire re-write.