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Stage fright affects even the most confident of best men and it can only be resolved through practice and coaching. The main goal of our coaching service is to get you to become comfortable with your speech through practice and, therefore, be confident presenting it. To be more specific, we:

  • Schedule a time when you're available to mock-present/practice your speech with us
  • Watch and pay attention to your body language, and listen closely to your delivery, as you mock-present your speech*
  • Offer advice and what improvements, if any, are needed with your delivery
  • Offer tips on ways to stay calm before and during your toast, and keep your stage fright at bay
  • Coach you through our advice so you can make the necessary adjustments that'll further perfect the presentation of your speech

How It Works

  • Soon after booking this service, someone from our team will email you to schedule our practice session.
  • You mock-present your speech, we provide feedback, and apply whatever improvements are needed to your best man speech.*

Note: In general, an hour is enough time for us to practice your speech.

We're available to meet in person; however, our availability is restricted by geography and may be subject to additional fees. Therefore, unless otherwise discussed, all meetings, practice sessions, and face-to-face interactions are done online via Skype or FaceTime.