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Article: How to Write the Perfect Best Man Speech

How does one write the perfect best man speech? 

The folks over at United Kingdom-based online wedding resource, The Wedding Secret, recently put together an article titled "How to Write the Perfect Best Man Speech". The piece does a great job in providing tips on - drum roll please - how to write the perfect best man speech. 

So if you've decided to write your speech solo, make sure to check out that article by The Wedding Secret to gather pointers, help boost your confidence, and ensure you write the perfect best man speech. However, if after reading the article you become overwhelmed, we'll be here waiting for you with open arms.

We're In The Knot Texas Weddings Magazine!


Most know that The Knot is a premiere destination for wedding everything. So imagine our high-in-the-clouds delight when they chose us, Best Man Speech Writer, as one of 7 wedding concierge services brides and grooms should call upon for their wedding. This all happened late last year and that feature on their website (here) helped make our 2015 extra great. 

Well, The Knot seems to want to make our 2016 extra great too because they featured us again. AGAIN! And this time it is in their Texas Weddings Magazine Fall/Winter 2016 issue. Pick up your copy today and check us out on page 440. 

Thank you again to the team at The Knot for recognizing wedding concierge service providers and for including us - we are honored. 

We Now Work With Everyone!

A new month. A new announcement. And this announcement is a long time coming, so trust us when we say, that we are beyond ready to finally share this very great and very happy piece of news: We now work with everyone! By 'everyone' we mean any wedding party member and goer. So if you're the Maid-of-Honor, Father-of-the-Bride, Mother-of-the-Groom, Groom, Bride, the Best Man, a Bridesmaid, a Groomsmen - anyone planning to give a toast at a wedding - we can now help you put your wedding speech together so you shine.


Our company name will not change and do not let our awesome company name fool you because our list of speech services is now available for and offered to anyone in need of our skills and expertise. We will also continue to tailor the speech we write to each client because that is how we roll; or should we say, how we write.

Lastly, and truth be told, we actually have been helping clients who was not the Best Man for quite some time now so you won't be our guinea pig. If you are ready to get started or have any questions, feel free to check out our services webpage or contact us directly. We always love hearing from people. 

Haka at Weddings

Haka, a traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Maori of New Zealand, is a physically demanding posture dance performed by a group that, among other things, involves chanting, feet stamping, rhythmically slapping one's body, and various facial contortions. It is an in-your-face dance that is powerful and amazing to witness live.

Haka can be performed for various reasons: assert strength and prowess, greet someone, acknowledge achievements, at funerals, by rugby players before a match, and at weddings. But, for most of us, the likelihood of seeing Haka performed at an upcoming wedding is slim to none. Which is a shame because Haka is a great tribute to all parties involved and is truly a sight to see. 

Good thing we have YouTube. Here are 2 videos featuring Haka at weddings that we liked. Watch them to see and experience Haka.