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Did You Google Your Best Man Speech?

Google. The all-powerful search engine that selflessly spews answers to our questions; including "How do I write a best man speech?" However, there are a few questions Google cannot truly answer and one such question is "How do I write a best man speech unique to me?"

How do we know this? Because Google is a search engine. Because we've watched a ton of best man speeches on YouTube; some good, some bad, but many that sound eerily similar to one another. And because Vanessa Joy, a New Jersey-based wedding photographer who has probably attended more weddings than any of us will ever in our lifetime, tells us so in her recent blog post. It just breaks our best-man-speech-writing-hearts to hear a best man say an one-liner that was used by so many others. These over-used phrases are telltale signs that the best man Googled his speech and/or used a specific speech template. 

In our opinion, a best man speech should be like a fingerprint. Your speech should be unique to you and to your bromance with the Groom, and it should definitely not be like any one else's. The role of best man is a big deal so show your speech the same respect. Set you and your best man speech apart. Read Vanessa's blog post to make sure your best man speech doesn't fall into the Googled category. And if you want help in putting together an unique speech, let us know because even though you're the best man, writing best man speeches is what we do best.