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Best Man Speech Tip #16

This week's tip is a shameless plug for our awesome service and team. Every Thursday for the last 15 weeks, we've been spoon feeding you out-of-the-box and, if we don't say so ourselves, kick ass best man speech tips to help you prepare. Everything from chewing gum as a way to control jitters to reminding yourself that your audience is not the enemy (Tips #14 and #15). And, as part of our great-idea-spewing, we recommend that you work with best man speech experts to help with your speech (i.e. us). We here at help you by writing a tailored-to-you best man speech AND then practice it with you (Tips #11 and #13). We are best man speech experts who live, breathe and dream of best man speeches and are totally dedicated to making sure you and your best man speech rocks. 

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