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Your Starring Role In Wedding Films

A "wedding film" has become a must-have item for more and more couples that wedding cinematographers have become Big Day staples. Wedding videographers, like photographers, capture a wedding's special moments. However, wedding cinematographers not only encapsulate the sights of a wedding but also its sounds. In other words, you and your best man speech may forever be recorded in your mate's wedding film. And it's imperative that you not only have but also deliver a heartfelt best man speech because wedding filmmakers, more often than not, incorporate the best man's speech into the film - either as sound bites or as the film's soundtrack. 


To fill us in on wedding films and the role best men play in them is Gusttavo Matteucci, owner and director of Silver Tie Films. Silver Tie Films is an award-winning wedding videography company recording Bay Area weddings. They have worked with over 200 couples and their work have been featured in major wedding resources such as Martha Stewart Weddings and Style Me Pretty. Here's our conversation with Mr. Matteucci: How does cinematography fit into the big Big Day picture?

Gusttavo: A wedding video is definitely the best way to relive a wedding day. All the special moments and special details that are sometimes missed by the bride and groom are captured by our cameras. How else can you again listen to what the father of the bride said during his speech if your wedding is not captured in video? And how else will a couple be able to watch their first dance as husband and wife? So cinematography is huge if a couple wants to remember everything that happened on their Big Day.

Please explain to us the role the best man and his speech play in the overall film.

The best wedding videos are the ones that tell real love stories. The best way to do that is to incorporate the personalities of each character into the film. So, in his speech, it is very important that the best man describes the groom in the best way possible. Real stories and real facts about the groom and the groom’s personality definitely help us to create a video that is real, and into a story that people can connect with.

The best man is typically a wedding VIP - can the same be said about the best man and his speech when it comes to the wedding film?

The importance of the best man’s speech for our films is huge! If the best man’s speech is full of details about the groom and his personality, how the groom felt about the first date, how the relationship became more and more real after a while and how his perspective and relationship changed, etc. - all that really helps us to create a video full of emotions. (Here's a wedding film by Silver Tie Films that "displays" best man's speech front-and-center.)

How does a bad best man speech affect your job?  

A bad speech usually leads us to use different parts of the wedding day to show the bride and groom’s personalities and stories, and wedding day itself. If none of the speeches are personable, we tend to use more of the ceremony and vows. The only problem with vows is that sometimes they cannot give a full picture of the couple’s relationship and personalities like a good speech would do. This especially becomes an issue when the couple decides not to exchange custom vows. So a great best man speech is definitely a plus and helps us tell the story of the bride and groom and their wedding day.

Do you ask your clients, the couple, anything specific relating to the best man's speech? Like maybe a copy of the speech beforehand?

I currently don’t ask anything from the best man, but after talking to you and your company, I feel very compelled to do that moving forward. It will help us tremendously.

Do you prep the best man in any way for the film or offer him any advice regarding the delivery of his speech?

I usually don’t have communication with the best man prior to the wedding. But on the wedding day we give him little tips on where to stand and how to hold the mic so that we can capture the best possible imagery/audio.

Does the best man “guest star” in the film at any other time(s) besides during the delivery of his speech?

The wedding party is definitely an important group in every wedding. The best man and maid of honor have even more important parts in our films because of their relationship with the couple; so their interactions with the bride and groom during the prep time are always captured by our cinematographers. We also try to capture their expressions during the vows, during the first dance, etc.

By now you have probably “sat” through a lifetime’s worth of best man speeches. From your experience and perspective as a wedding cinematographer, can you share with us:

Your 3 best man speech pet peeves?
That’s a tough one, but I will give you one that always drives me crazy. I never like when the best man talks about the groom’s past relationships and go on in full detail about them. Some comments are best not made at a wedding.

The key ingredients to a great toast by the best man?
It’s always important to show real love to the bride and groom. Sincere feelings and words that come from the heart can never go wrong in a best man’s speech.

The worst thing a best man has ever done during his speech?
I think the worst one was actually not too long ago when the best man was basically embarrassing the groom during the entire speech saying how much he was a weight to carry through the years and that the weight was now being passed on to the bride. Certain things should never be mentioned in a wedding speech.

How often the best man is ill-prepared for his speech?
For the most part, all best men are at least a little prepared for their speech, but we understand that not everybody is a good public speaker. So the delivery sometimes is tough even for the most prepared ones.

How the best man is treated after giving a good speech versus a bad one?
On a good speech the entire crowd is emotional at the end. But during a bad speech everybody is just distracted and probably ready to get to the dessert as fast as possible. 

Any advice you’d like to share with soon-to-be and future best men?

Be yourself and show that you care for the groom, his bride and their families. Get ready for your speech and practice the delivery a couple of times before the Big Day. I think those are very important tips for any best man who would like to give a good speech.

A big thank you to Gusttavo for sharing with us how best men fit into the big wedding film picture. For more information about Gusttavo and Silver Tie Films, visit them on Facebook and their website