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The Best Man Handbook, to date, has covered a wide range of topics related to the best man's role including your responsibilities as best man, the cost of being the best man, advice on how to plan a bachelor party, a breakdown of wedding dress codes, custom suit tips, a guide on wedding gift giving and, most recently, a very unique wedding gift idea, The Best Man Handbook is your personal roadmap to help you navigate through your role as best man. To shed even more light on the “do’s,” “don’ts” and overall importance of the best man we've now opened the Handbook to a select group of highly-respected wedding professionals who share their wedding know-how as it relates to the best man role. These pros have a lot of wedding wisdom and their stories and advice will make you a better, well-informed and very prepared best man. So here it goes.

First up is us, Best Man Speech Writer; professional wedding speechwriters to be exact. The importance of a best man's speech to a wedding has increased over the years with the increasing use of social media and websites such as YouTube. Today, a terrible best man speech will spread like wildfire beyond the confines of the wedding reception, bringing embarrassment to the bride, the groom, their families and the best man himself. If one bad actor/actress can ruin a movie, you better believe that one bad wedding speech can break the spirit and tone of an otherwise incredible wedding. In other words, they the bride and groom expect a lot out of you and your speech. And that's a lot of pressure.

"We take the burden and stress of writing a speech off your shoulders..."

Which is where the job of professional wedding speechwriters begins. We take the burden and stress of writing a speech off your shoulders to give you the opportunity to fully enjoying your other best man responsibilities and ensure you deliver a best man speech you will be proud of for years to come. So, if you are or are going to be a best man, this post is critically important for you since your best man speech is when the wedding spotlight will be shining its brightest on you - and you alone.

Though the final product from each speechwriter is a speech, how each speechwriter goes about creating his/her work varies and we'll let you in on how we, at Best Man Speech Writer, work with our clients so you know what to expect from us once you draft us into your best man dream team.

"We all take on the roles of public speaking coach, speech editor, "interpreter", and, sometimes, nagging assistant to ensure you're on track for your speech."

We always start by letting you choose the service(s) you want, or need, from us. We offer packaged and a la carte services, and the type of help and how much help we provide is dictated by the service(s) you select. And, even though we're really speechwriters by trade, when needed we also take on the roles of public speaking coach, speech editor, "interpreter", and, sometimes, nagging assistant to ensure you're on track for your speech.

Next, we collect the pieces of information necessary to put your speech together. We'll admit, this step can get VERY personal and for good reason. Having a more in-depth idea of who you are and your bromantic history with the groom gives us a fuller picture and, therefore, enables us to write a more meaningful speech tailored specifically to you and the groom and the couple.

Then, after we work our best man speech writing magic and send you the finished product, we practice your speech with you*. Practicing your speech with you, in our opinion, is one of the most important parts of our job; and past clients have said that the practice session helped them prepare as well as be more confident with the delivery of their speech. In addition, we always include presentation cues within all of the speeches we write to help you deliver and "sell" the speech. So, no matter which of our services or package you book, we will always offer you speech delivery advice.

There are a lot of average and uncomfortably horrible best man speeches out there and we're here to save you and your best man speech from either fate. (Here and here are examples of bad best man speeches that could've easily been avoided.) We live and breathe wedding speeches and know how to toe the thin line of sentimentality and humor without crossing over into the vulgar and overly embarrassing. We are very good at what we do and are here to make your life as best man easier.

So, let's recap. Here are the 5 benefits of hiring us (or any professional wedding speechwriter for that matter):

  1. We take on all the responsibility and stress of writing your best man speech;
  2. We know how to put together a great best man speech filled with humor, sentiment, and personal stories that won't embarrass anyone;
  3. We provide you with speech delivery tips and advice;
  4. We can fill you in on your role because we have worked with past best men and know what's expected from you; and
  5. Most importantly, you get to concentrate on other best man tasks that are way more fun.

In short, we are here to make sure you have a speech you can be proud of and a speech that will further prove why you, above every other man in the groom's life, were chosen to be THE best man. If you have any questions about our services, want advice on your upcoming speech, or need to vet us through our past clients, please feel free to contact us anytime. We'll be here for you whenever you're ready. 

* Depending on booked service and/or package.