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Haka at Weddings

Haka, a traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Maori of New Zealand, is a physically demanding posture dance performed by a group that, among other things, involves chanting, feet stamping, rhythmically slapping one's body, and various facial contortions. It is an in-your-face dance that is powerful and amazing to witness live.

Haka can be performed for various reasons: assert strength and prowess, greet someone, acknowledge achievements, at funerals, by rugby players before a match, and at weddings. But, for most of us, the likelihood of seeing Haka performed at an upcoming wedding is slim to none. Which is a shame because Haka is a great tribute to all parties involved and is truly a sight to see. 

Good thing we have YouTube. Here are 2 videos featuring Haka at weddings that we liked. Watch them to see and experience Haka.