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Announcing, The Best Man Guide

After months of backroom talks and planning, we are beyond excited to finally share with you that, next week, we're unveiling the first part of The Best Man Guide. The Best Man Guide is an informative series that shines a light into the different and many aspects of the best man role. The Best Man Guide goes beyond the wedding toast and covers a variety of topics including wedding gift giving, the ins and outs of a boutonniere, the cost of being a best man, etc.  

The Best Man Guide will arm you with the know-how to smoothly navigate through and proudly carry-out your best man role without breaking a sweat. We collaborated with well-known wedding industry experts who chime in on the topics covering their respective fields. There really isn't anything else like this around and we're happy to be the ones providing you with this valuable information.

We are excited for the weekly releases of the different topics and cannot wait for The Best Man Guide to become the guide best men - present and future - turn to for advice.