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Best Man Speech #75

It's September and we are back from our mini summer vacation feeling refreshed and ready for a whole 'nother year of weekly wedding speech videos! The video to start us off is a nod to the recent ruling "allowing" for gay marriages in the U.S.

WATCH how this best man wings his speech. And pretty successfully too.

OUR TIP: You know our thoughts on winging your speech, a long speech, cursing, pacing, and inside jokes but so long as you're confident in your ability to read your audience and come up with cohesive material on the spot then go ahead and wing it. 

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Best Man Speech #74

WATCH how an awesome speech can be ruined by poor delivery.

OUR TIP: Memorize 80% to 90% of your speech so you don't need to read off a piece of paper. But if  your memory competitively rivals that of a fish, we suggest using index cards rather than a piece of paper.  Also, try not to pace - the couple's cinematographer will thank you. 

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Best Man Speech #73

WATCH a best man speech that's actually a skit and the answer to those who hate public speaking.

OUR TIP: If you are on the "theatrical" side, have experience with filming and editing, want to take the wedding-speech-road less-traveled, and are not a fan of public speaking then this format is for you. It will take a lot of imagination, time and preparation but it will also considerably reduce speaking time. 

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Best Man Speech #71

WATCH this father-of-the-groom deliver a simple but very heartfelt speech.

OUR TIP: There's something to Lao Tzu's "embrace simplicity" because, despite this father-of-the-groom's choppy delivery, the toast was easy to follow thanks to its simple format. So, if you're stuck with your speech, remember to keep it simple. 

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Best Man Speech #67

This Sunday is Father's Day in the U.S. so we thought it only fitting to share a father-of-the-bride video with you.

WATCH this father-of-the-bride tell the groom to not screw it up.

OUR TIP: This isn't your typical wedding toast for multiple reasons but pay attention to how easily you can follow the content and flow of this father-of-the-bride's "story". 

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