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Best Man Speech Video #37

Here's a video of some of the lines you should avoid adding to your best man speech. These lines have been used by best men time and time again and we think your speech deserves better than copied content. But don't just listen to us, hear about it from a professional wedding photographer, Vanessa Joy. She has attended more weddings any of us ever will in our lifetime and shares how she can tell if a wedding speech has been Googled or not  in her blog post here.

Best Man Speech Tip #21

"Be you."

We're pretty sure you've heard that one before, and this two-word advice is generally told to us during important life moments. Like before your job interview, a first date maybe, and for a presentation (i.e. a best man speech). There's a reason why "Be you." is an often-used piece of advice - you know yourself best and you are most confident being yourself. "Be you" sets the ground for genuineness and confidence; traits that will rub off onto your presentation. So if you've been slacking off in your best man speech preparations or if all other best man speech preparation efforts are failing you, you can always be you. 

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Best Man Speech Tip #20

Practice. We've thrown that word around here before and we'll probably continue to throw it around again. It's the one piece of advice that applies to everyone and everything and can affect the final product. You can practice your best man speech on a willing party (i.e. your mom) or by yourself. If the latter, make sure to plop yourself in front of a mirror so you can see first-hand how you're delivering your speech and tweak where necessary. 

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Best Man Speech Tip #19

Speeches are like essays - great ones consist of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Each part serves distinct and important roles in the flow of your speech as well as cues your audience with where you are in your speech. While putting your best man speech together, check to see if your's includes the three parts.

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Best Man Speech Tip #18

One speech error a lot of Best Men unknowingly make is presenting an unrelatable speech. By "unrelatable" we mean that many Best Men forget that the majority of their audience know very little about him or his history with the Groom/Couple. Therefore, to ensure your audience can follow and appreciate your best man speech, it's imperative that your speech provides some back story and isn't too heavy on the inside jokes.

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Best Man Speech Tip #17

We're going to change it up a bit this week by sharing with you a list. A Best Man's duty checklist to be exact. The role of Best Man is, more often than not, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of gig; and, while we're fulfilling the role and when such information is most helpful, no one lets us know what our responsibilities are or are not. Well, have no fear because we've here to point you towards a list that sheds light on your various Best Man duties. And, best part is, the list arranged the duties chronological so there's a super slim-to-no chance you'll forget anything. 

Check it out here and let us know if you find stuff like this helpful so we can troll the web for more. For other Best Man speech tips, head over here.

Best Man Speech Tip #16

This week's tip is a shameless plug for our awesome service and team. Every Thursday for the last 15 weeks, we've been spoon feeding you out-of-the-box and, if we don't say so ourselves, kick ass best man speech tips to help you prepare. Everything from chewing gum as a way to control jitters to reminding yourself that your audience is not the enemy (Tips #14 and #15). And, as part of our great-idea-spewing, we recommend that you work with best man speech experts to help with your speech (i.e. us). We here at help you by writing a tailored-to-you best man speech AND then practice it with you (Tips #11 and #13). We are best man speech experts who live, breathe and dream of best man speeches and are totally dedicated to making sure you and your best man speech rocks. 

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