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Haka at Weddings

Haka, a traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Maori of New Zealand, is a physically demanding posture dance performed by a group that, among other things, involves chanting, feet stamping, rhythmically slapping one's body, and various facial contortions. It is an in-your-face dance that is powerful and amazing to witness live.

Haka can be performed for various reasons: assert strength and prowess, greet someone, acknowledge achievements, at funerals, by rugby players before a match, and at weddings. But, for most of us, the likelihood of seeing Haka performed at an upcoming wedding is slim to none. Which is a shame because Haka is a great tribute to all parties involved and is truly a sight to see. 

Good thing we have YouTube. Here are 2 videos featuring Haka at weddings that we liked. Watch them to see and experience Haka. 

Best Man Speech #25

This week's video has a little bit of everything - speech, song, AND dance. The song part is kind of painful and yawn-insnpiring but it was the perfect set-up for their dance number; which, we'll admit, is pretty hilarious. To watch their awesome rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies", skip over to time marker 2:17. Enjoy!

Best Man Speech Video #14

This week's video isn't a speech but rather a highly entertaining dance performance by a groom and his groomsmen. We discover a bunch of these epic wedding dance numbers and, as we're firm sharing-is-caring believers, we've decided to also share these finds. We want our Tuesday posts to not only provide you with real life examples of best man speeches but to also get you pumped for the upcoming wedding - and this video does not fall short of doing just that.

Best Man Speech Video #10

Your Best Man speech doesn't always have to be verbal, and you don't have to go at it alone either. While trolling the Internet, we've come across a large number of group "speeches" that involved role playing, singing and/or dancing. So, putting the old saying "Actions speak louder than words" into, well, action, feel free to consider a dance number as a speech alternative. 

The video below is eff-ing hilarious and these guys did an awesome job. Their decision to compile songs was smart because the song changes kept their performance fresh and, most importantly, kept the audience's attention. Also, including the Groom was a great personal touch.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did. And let us know your thoughts on the growing trend of Groomsmen choosing to dance/sing over a good ol' speech.