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Best Man Goes Above and Beyond

An article titled "Groom's Best Man Raises $7,000 to Replace Stolen Wedding Funds" recently caught our attention. It has nothing to do with wedding speeches but the story was too awesome to not share.

Synopsis: A week before their wedding, the Bride and Groom's home was burglarized; and included in what had been taken was their $6,000 cash they'd been saving for their wedding. Despite money being tight, the Couple decided to still go through with their wedding by determining where they could reduce costs. But the Best Man came to the rescue; raising $7,000 for the Bride and Groom through a fundraising page he created especially for them. Talk about an enriching use of social media to spread the word. 

The Best Man, Cameron Scheuplein, went above and beyond the "responsibilities" of his role. And, because of him, the Couple were able to have the wedding they wanted and without having to cut any corners. The burglary is dreadful but what came from it is a heartwarming story that, we're sure, made for a memorable wedding and Best Man speech.