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Best Man Speech Video #35

Talk about a find because this week's best man speech is awesome! Though it may have no clear structure and came off as one huge stand-up skit, we were thoroughly entertained and still think it's very good. So good, in fact, that we didn't realize the speech lasted for 9 minutes. Yes, 9 minutes. That's on the long side, in our opinion, but the best man was so comfortable in his delivery, had an immediate rapport with the audience (and us), and had such great content that we actually didn't mind it. And now it's your turn to spend 9 minutes on this video because it's that good.

Best Man Speech Video #6

We're digging and hating this speech. We like the personal stories, the jokes and the perfectly-timed punch lines throughout the entire speech; but his stories jumped around a lot so it was a little difficult to follow along and he read directly from the paper 95% of the time. Had he organized the order of his content (maybe chronologically) and memorized bits and pieces of his Best Man speech, this speech would easily be a 10 in our book.