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Best Man Speech #73

WATCH a best man speech that's actually a skit and the answer to those who hate public speaking.

OUR TIP: If you are on the "theatrical" side, have experience with filming and editing, want to take the wedding-speech-road less-traveled, and are not a fan of public speaking then this format is for you. It will take a lot of imagination, time and preparation but it will also considerably reduce speaking time. 

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Best Man Speech #66

WATCH how this co-best man breaks the ice, shaves time off his speech, and injects humor in the first 30 seconds of his best man speech. (Jump to the 0:14 mark.)

OUR TIP: Do something similar in your speech if you: a) want a catchy introduction; b) want to uniquely inform the ladies of your single status; c) need filler for your speech; and/or d) have a fear of/hatred for public speaking.

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