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Best Man Speech #74

WATCH how an awesome speech can be ruined by poor delivery.

OUR TIP: Memorize 80% to 90% of your speech so you don't need to read off a piece of paper. But if  your memory competitively rivals that of a fish, we suggest using index cards rather than a piece of paper.  Also, try not to pace - the couple's cinematographer will thank you. 

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Best Man Speech #60

WATCH how this best man's mash-up rendition of hit songs create one personalized and memorable best man speech. 

OUR TIP: Use what you're good at/comfortable doing - it'll show and make your speech even better. (This best man is a musician so singing his speech was a brilliant idea.)

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Best Man Speech Video #30

You heard of Disney's Frozen, right? Then you must have also heard of its hit song "Let It Go" and the slew of homemade sing-a-long videos that have gone viral. Well, and we bet our beer money, you have yet to see a best man speech version of "Let It Go". This rendition is laugh-out-loud hilarious and ingenuous. It's also stuck in our heads. Watch the video and prepare to sing along - Best Man Joe... Says Hello...