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Best Man Speech Tip #7

Don't rush through your Best Man speech. Milk every minute of your being the Best Man because this position is an honor you may not experience again. During your speech, when you have command of everyone's undivided attention, bask in it and don't go Speedy Gonzalez on yourself and your speech.

Wedding Speech Tip #5

Feel free to move around during your wedding toast. Shift your weight from one leg to another. Even take a few steps here and there. Movement can help keep you relaxed while masking, as well as keeping at bay, any nervous ticks you may have. Plus, there's no rule stating that you have to stand still during your entire Best Man speech.

Wedding Speech Tip #4

This goes without saying but let's point it out anyway: Do NOT curse in your Best Man speech. Why you ask? There are many reasons why you shouldn't curse but we'll give you the two biggies. One, it's so you retain your dignity. And, two, most weddings have children in attendance. So, unless you have enough "earmuffs" to pass around to said children, we recommend you refrain from cursing during your toast. 

Wedding Speech Tip #3

Unless you give speeches for a living and/or are a quick-on-your-feet master bullsh*tter, don't wing your Best Man speech. We repeat, do not wing your Best Man speech.This tip slash fact applies to 99% of the population - more than likely including you - so we recommend you prepare and practice your Best Man speech.

Wedding Speech Tip #2

Don't worry too much about proper grammar. We don't; and it's because your wedding toast isn't about proving your mastery of the English language. Your Best Man speech is about you, the stories and jokes about the Groom, how you share those stories, and the couple. You were chosen as the best man because the Groom digs you for who you are - don't let grammar get in your way.