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Best Man Speech Tip #15

Last week's tip suggested a different way to perceive your audience and this week's tip is along the same lines. Speaking is our primary method of communicating with one another and, with the exception of telephone calls, all of our speaking is done face-to-face. As in we speak in public. Whether it be with one person or with a group of people, you're still publicly speaking. Even chatting over Skype or FaceTime is a form of public speaking. Our point is, if you're nervous for when you have to deliver your best man speech, remind yourself that you've public spoken hundreds of thousands of times before and that your best man speech is just another one of those times.   

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Best Man Speech Tip #14

Today's tip is from one of our close friends and is a different - and, in our opinion, an easier - way to think of your audience. While behind the mic and presenting your best man speech, it's easy to think you're alone. But, more often than not, this isn't the case because your audience is actually on your side. They want you and your best man speech to rock. So, if envisioning your audience naked or as monkeys don't work, relax and remember that they're rooting for you. 

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Best Man Speech Tip #13

In addition to what we mentioned in Tip #11, definitely practice your speech on someone. Just make sure your "someone" knows a thing or two about speeches and/or presenting. Great candidates for your best man speech dry run are colleagues, any brutally-honest friend, and the groom's mom. Heck, even your mom is a great candidate. Happy Practicing!

Best Man Speech Tip #11

Remember how some of your past jokes and ideas turned out to be not so good? Avoid that from happening in your Best Man speech by asking someone to look it over. Or, better yet, practice your speech on someone. Just make sure to ask someone who is brutally honest and whose opinion you trust.