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The 10 Wedding Speech Tips You'll Ever Need

  1. Don't Wait - Don't procrastinate preparing your speech and definitely do not wing it. A good speech takes time and your speech is important enough to warrant your time and attention.

  2. Keep It Simple - Don't go all Jedi Master on your speech. Write your toast similar to how you normally speak and it'll be easier to handle. Also, keep your speech on the shorter side.

  3. Index Cards - Write your trigger words on index cards instead of on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. Index cards are smaller in dimension and, therefore, easier to handle and are visually unobtrusive. And make sure to number your cards.

  4. Practice Makes Perfect - There is nothing worse than a best man reading from his notes during his entire speech. Practice your speech so you are familiar with it. Also, if you practice in front of a mirror, you'll immediately see your facial expressions and body language and can make adjustments on the spot.

  5. Keep it PG - No cursing. No insulting the Bride. And don't share any possibly scandalous stories.

  6. Remember Your Audience - Three tips about them:

    1. They are on your side and actually want you and your speech to kick ass.

    2. Don't alienate them with inside jokes.

    3. Make eye contact. Eye contact connects you with your audience, demands attention, and increases the sincerity to your speech. Acknowledge all sides of the room and, for those unaccustomed or uncomfortable with making eye contact, "make eye contact" with the top of people's heads.

  7. Don't Drink and Speech - This tip has been thrown around so many times that it's practically a cliche. But, and we hate to admit it, there's good reason for this tip's wide use. A glass or two of liquid courage before your speech is fine but we strongly advise you hold off on binge drinking until AFTER you toast to the newlyweds.

  8. Relax - There's a bunch of ways to stay calm before and during your speech and we're firm believers of these two:

    1. Chew on a piece of gum before the start of your speech. This will help you control any jitters as well as help warm-up and relax your jaw. Just make sure to spit out the gum before you start your speech.

    2. Feel free to move during your speech but make sure you don't pace.

  9. You're Already a Public Speaking Pro - Speaking is our primary method of communication and we do a lot of it face-to-face. As in we already speak in public...every day. Whether it be with one person or with a group of people, you're still publicly speaking. Even chatting over Skype or FaceTime counts as public speaking. Point is, if you're nervous about delivering your best man speech, remind yourself that you've spoken publicly hundreds of thousands of times before and that your best man speech is just another one of those times.

  10. Be You - Because, obviously, you're pretty great and someone already thinks of you as the Best Man. To help you set the ground for genuineness and confidence, remind yourself of your awesomeness and that you, indeed, are the Best Man.