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We help with your speech so you can focus on the real best man stuff. Let's get started.

Not the Best Man? No problem.

We're a merry band of professional wedding speechwriters who work primarily with Best Men. We came together because, after having witnessed one too many painful best man speeches, we wanted to make the best man speech world a better place. We also recognized a genuine and growing need for our expertise so here we are and:

We Make Your Role As Best Man Easier
Juggling your already busy life and planning a bachelor party of epic proportions ain't easy. Let the pros (i.e. us) handle the dirty work of writing your wedding speech for you so that you can focus on bigger, better Best Man duties. Now help us help you and choose one of our services.

You Get What You Want
We offer a range of services that differ based on the type of help as well as how much help you want from us. Whether you need public speaking coach, a fill-in-the-blank speech template, someone to review your already-written speech, help brainstorming for speech content,  or a custom tailored best man speech, we have a service for you. You pick and choose the speech service(s) that fit your needs and you'll be on your way to a best man speech you can be proud of.

We Are Here to Help - Even For The Undecided
If you aren't yet sold on our awesome service and have questions, check out our FAQ's or hit us up