Best Man Speech Writer

We help with your speech so you can focus on the real best man stuff. Let's get started.

Not the Best Man? No problem.

+ What is Best Man Speech Writer?

Best Man Speech Writer is a tight band of speechwriters-for-hire dedicated to making your role as Best Man easier. We handle the dirty work of writing your speech so that you can focus on bigger, better Best Man duties. Can we say bachelor party?

+ Why would I hire Best Man Speech Writer to prepare my best man speech instead of doing it myself?

Based solely on the fact that we're rock stars at our job we'd hire ourselves in a minute. But we understand you need a bit more convincing so ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you spoken in front of a large crowd before?
  • Do you know with what, or how, to start your speech (often times the beginning of a best man's speech sets the tone for the entire speech)?
  • Is this your first time as best man?
  • Are you confident in your writing ability?
  • Do you think it would be helpful to have a professional speechwriter review your speech?

If you answered 'No' to at least two of these questions, we strongly recommend that you seriously consider working with us.

+ It's just a best man speech. No big deal. Right?

Wrong. As Best Man, you play an integral role in an event that took A LOT of time and A LOT of money to put together. And let's not forget that this "event" is probably going to be one of the biggest and most important days in your friend's/relative's life. Your best man speech represents not only you but also the Groom and his choice in you as his best man. But we don't want to guilt trip you into preparing a kick ass best man speech so we'll end it with this - with the video cameras rolling and members of the bridal party sizing you up, you want your speech to be more than just "no big deal".

+ How much does this cost?

Our packaged and a la carte services range from $20 to $250. The services also range by level of help you want from us. Choose the service(s) that best suit your needs and you're set.

+ What sets you apart from other businesses offering this type of service?

We know we have competition for your business so please allow us to list how we're here to help your time as best man easier:

  1. You choose how much help you want. We offer a range of services that you choose from and each service is tailored to how much help you may want or need.
  2. You know how much you're shelling out. Unlike other businesses in our industry who charge by the page or by the gulp word, we priced our services at a flat rate so you always know what your bill will amount to. We decided to go the flat price route from the beginning because we think it's easier for everyone.
  3. You know you're working with folks who only write and concentrate on wedding speeches. A good portion of our competitors don't concentrate solely on writing wedding speeches. They offer help in writing marketing documents, work emails, etc. with their wedding speech writing service being only a tiny part of what they do. But around here we only wear one type of speech writing cap and, with how personal and important wedding speeches are, we think our way is the best way.
  4. You practice your speech on us. Our Best Man Package includes a practice session where you rehearse your speech with us. The main point of our practice session is to ensure you're more than prepared for your time behind the mic. So during the session, we listen to how you say your speech, look out for any words or phrases that may need to be changed, and provide you with presentation pointers you may need.

+ How would you describe your speech writing style?

We'd describe it as to-the-point story-telling with a huge dose of funny and personal. We want you to be comfortable with your speech and to relate with your audience. We make sure you and your personality shine so we only compose best man speeches that come off as if you're just telling a bunch of your favorite memories to a group of friends. Also, we don't perform any fancy writing either. As a matter of fact, we stay away from that because your speech ain't about rocket science.

+ I don't want my best man speech to be like every other speech out there.

Ditto. Which is why we make it a point to inject you, your personality and your stories into your best man speech. So unless you've got an identical twin you don't know about who thinks and talks like you, this is a non-issue.

+ I have ideas for my best man speech - can I add them in?

Of course! We can work into your best man speech whatever joke, dance move, stunt, gimmick, magic get our point. We firmly believe that, alongside stories and memories, the small touches are what set best man speeches apart. And since YOU are the one giving the best man speech, we're always all ears for your ideas and will happily work them into your speech.

+ How do we get started?

It's real simple. First, pick from one of our services. Then, depending on your chosen service, you'll either receive a link to our speech template or questionnaire, or someone from our team will reach out to you. The questionnaire is for you to complete so we have the details needed to write your custom best man speech.

+ What does your questionnaire include?

Our questionnaire consists of 32 questions that ask you things as simple as "Do you have a nickname for the Groom?" to something that will require you to tap into your memory bank like "What are your top 3 memories with/of the Groom?" We won't lie, the questionnaire will take some work but it's all worth it because the stories and memories you share with us are what will set your best man speech apart from the rest.

+ I need my speech in a language besides English - can you help?

We're embarrassingly monolingual so, presently, our services are only available in English. But if we receive enough inquiries or requests for a certain language, we'll go out and bring in someone who can read, write and speak it. To submit a language request, shimmy on over here.