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If writing is not your strong suit or if the thought of writing your toast solo is daunting, it'd be best if you hand over the task to a professional. Like us. We live and breathe wedding speeches and will do all the heavy lifting for you; i.e. we write your entire speech for you. Here is what else we'll do for you: 

  • Provide you with our questionnaire to help you brainstorm for captivating memories and stories of you and the bride, the groom, and the couple
  • Collect your answers to the questionnaire and arrange a follow-up meeting to discuss your answers and gather additional information*
  • Write your entire speech (which includes tips and advice related to the delivery of your speech)
  • Forward to you your custom written wedding speech as listed in the provided timeline

How It Works

  • Soon after you place your order, you will gain immediate access to our questionnaire. Download it as soon as possible and begin working on it. Also, your speechwriter will be in touch via email to introduce him/herself. 
  • Fill out the questionnaire and email your answers back to us soon as you're finished or by the provided due date, whichever is earlier.
  • We write your custom wedding speech and send it to you by the date listed in the provided timeline. 

* We're available to meet in person; however, our availability is restricted by geography and may be subject to additional fees. Therefore, unless otherwise discussed, all meetings, practice sessions, and face-to-face interactions are done online via Skype or FaceTime.